HCPS Budget Information


HCPS is embarking on the year-long budget development process for the FY17 operating budget and will once again engage all stakeholders in meaningful discussion regarding the budget and the needs for the system throughout each stage of the process.  As in the past, the community will have an opportunity to become involved in the process and partner with the school system in the development of the FY17 operating budget by attending public forums and submitting suggestions via email to budget@hcps.orgThe forum schedule will be included in the HCPS 411 Update this week and is also posted on www.hcps.org.  Administrators are encouraged to share this information with their communities and to include the schedule in their school newsletters/on their Edline pages.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to:

Jillian Lader, Communications  Jillian.Lader@hcps.org                      x5203