School Supplies

SCHOOL SUPPLY LISTS - Please feel free to print these lists to shop for your supplies for the upcoming school year. Or, wait until you receive teacher assignment letters and the lists will be included in this packet. For those that ordered the online supplies, the teachers did tweek the lists after-the-fact. By tweek, we have been told that brands names have been removed from the list, number of supplies have been reduced, etc. For example, you may receive 24 sharpened pencils when only 12 are needed. Therefore, your kits should be in good shape to begin the year! Thanks!!


Welcome to Our New Web Site!

We’d like to welcome you to the updated Homestead Wakefield Elementary School web site. We’re working hard to update the site with the information you need. In the meantime, please excuse any broken links or missing content. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the web site, please contact our webmaster.