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Stating the facts:

  • The Wakefield building was opened in 1958. The Homestead building followed in 1966. A renovation has not been undertaken in either building since the mid 1990’s.
  • Our school currently has 1033 enrolled students in grades PreK-5. Our capacity is 907 which puts us at 114% capacity.  Our district is eligible for a building moratorium at 110% but no limits have been proposed. We also have not heard any talk of redistricting to relieve the overcrowding.
  • Class size averages as of 9/19/19 are… Kindergarten – 23.7, 1st grade -25.2, 2nd grade – 27.2, 3rd grade – 29, 4th grade – 25.7, and 5th grade – 28.3.
  • With new homes under construction and older neighborhoods in transition to younger families within our school district, there is a likelihood that our school population will continue to increase.
  • We have a continued safety concern with the annex building where there are four classes of 1st These students are in and out of the main building multiple times throughout the day.
  • Technology access has been lacking at our school. Our PTA funded more than 50% of the white boards that are in HWES classrooms and full carts of laptops in recent years to attempt to keep our students up to speed with what is available at newer schools.
  • 504 positions have been cut in HCPS since 2011.
  • Current facility difficulties include…
  • Parking lots that are too small to effectively accommodate drop offs and pick ups as well as events held during or after the school day.
  • Playgrounds that are old, not ADA compliant and falling apart. They have been deemed “safe” by HCPS but do not provide the play time opportunities available to other students in Harford County.

Let’s keep our spot in line for the facility plan to be the next Harford County Public School to be rebuilt!

Please join us at a County Council Meeting, Board of Ed meeting or one of the Count Council of PTA’s Town Hall meetings.

Dates and speaker sign ups can be found here.
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