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HWES Box Top Program 2018-2019

 Homestead Wakefield Elementary has an awesome community of box top collectors that over the years have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for our school. The money helps support everything from field trips to assemblies to classroom supplies.  Every box top helps, so please become a clipper this year! There are changes to the program at HWES this year, so please read the details below.

How to collect:

Box tops are found on a variety of products from Ziploc, Annie’s, General Mills, Nature’s Valley, and Lysol, and much more. A full list is available at

Clip the box tops from participating products and save in a bag or envelope at home. There are also collection sheets available online to attach your box tops to. Once you a bunch, send them in via your student to their teacher. Label the bag or envelope with the teacher’s name and grade. Teachers will be collecting for classroom competitions. A parent volunteer will assist the teacher with organizing the box tops for submission.

Classroom Competitions

The Fall Competition will end on October 16th and the award will be 1 piece of recess equipment for every 250 box tops the class collects. The winning class per grade will receive bonus recess equipment.

The Winter Competition will end on February 12th and the award will be 10 HWES Spring Fling tickets awarded to all students in the winning class per grade.

There will be an additional collection due May 21, 2019. This collection will not have a prize, but is an opportunity to collect box tops prior to the summer break before box tops could expire.  For this collection, we encourage students to turn in any amount of box tops they have collected.

Online Box Top Earning

In addition to traditional box top cutting, the school can increase earnings through the box top website Our school can earn free box tops by playing games or entering sweepstakes. Coupons for participating products are also available. The Box Tops Bonus App provides additional ways to earn by buying the product and scanning the receipt.

Create an account online today and select Homestead Wakefield as your school!

Any questions, please contact and happy clipping!

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