Fifth Grade

5th Grade School Supply List – Click to download MS Word file

Fifth Graders are expected to set a proper example of behavior in and out of the classroom. Our class rules are based on respecting the rights of other people. Students choose their own behavior, and those who choose to follow the rules will be rewarded. Those who choose to break the rules also choose to accept the consequences. Parents will be notified if students consistently break the rules or if misbehavior is severe.

Organization: Students will be expected to maintain a system of organization based on their homeroom teacher?s expectations. A student handbook has been provided to assist in keeping each student planned and organized for daily assignments, quizzes/tests, long-term projects and specials.

Homework: Homework is assigned on a daily basis in Spelling and Math except on test days. Many times daily Science, Social Studies and ILA assignments need to be finished at home. Students are expected to review all concepts in each subject on a nightly basis. A minimum of twenty minutes should be set aside each evening for independent reading time. The student handbook will be completed daily during our ?Evaluation? time each day. Parent signatures will not be required unless a homework problem arises, although parent review of this handbook is strongly encouraged. Each homeroom teacher will establish a ?Homework Policy.? If a student is absent, make up work will be due in the same number of days that the child was absent, otherwise it will be considered late.


  • Harford Glen – 2 day trips
  • End of Year Field Trip (TBA)


ILA – INTEGRATED LANGUAGE ARTS: Students will acquire strategies to use before, during and after reading a variety of literature presented in the Harcourt Anthology. They will demonstrate positive attitudes; construct multiple responses to literature, utilize effective communication skills; access, retrieve, manage and produce information, make conscious language choices; and create products to fulfill our expressed needs.

MATHEMATICS: Students will work on developing problem solving strategies as we explore the following units: Data and Graphs, Place Value, Decimals, Measurement, Geometry; Perimeter, Area & Volume; Fractions; Probability & Statistics.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students will learn about our country through a study of its history, geography, laws and various ethnic/cultural groups. Students will analyze the history of our nation beginning with the early Americans to the establishment of the U.S. as an independent country.


Each year, children eagerly look forward to several enrichment opportunities for fifth graders, such as the Science Fair and Student Council.

Patriot Program Requirements

The Patriot Program will begin in October and must be completed by the end of April. Requirement and rewards are subject to change.


Recognition will be given to those students who demonstrate a commitment to the Patriot Program. A Patriot Certificate will be awarded to those participants who complete at least 3 requirements. Those students who complete all Patriot requirements will receive a Distinguished Patriot Certificate.

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