Fourth Grade

Behavior: Fourth Graders are expected to set a proper example of behavior in and out of the classroom. Our class rules are based on respecting the rights of other people. Students choose their own behavior, and those who choose to follow the rules will be rewarded. Those who choose to break the rules also choose to accept the consequences. Parents will be notified if students consistently break the rules or if misbehavior is severe.

Organization: Students will be expected to maintain a system of organization based on their homeroom teacher’s expectations. A student handbook has been provided to assist in keeping each student planned and organized for daily assignments, quizzes/tests, long-term projects and specials.

Homework: Homework is assigned on a daily basis in Spelling and Math. Occasionally, Science, Social Studies and ILA assignments may be need to be done at home. A minimum of twenty minutes should be set aside each evening for independent reading time. Students will record their assignments in this planner on a daily basis. To keep you informed and involved in your child’s progress, we request parent signatures in the planner Monday through Thursday. Please refer to the Harford County Handbook for additional information concerning absences and homework policies.


INTEGRATED LANGUAGE ARTS: Students will acquire strategies to use before, during and after reading a variety of literature presented in the Harcourt Anthology. While writing in response to reading, students will be encouraged to make connections to text or personal experience, and defend by providing supporting details. Students will write to inform, to persuade and to express personal ideas while using the conventions of writing including standard sentence structure, correct punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Good standards of handwriting are expected in all written work. Cursive writing will be reinforced as taught in third grade.

MATHEMATICS: Students will work on developing problem solving strategies as they explore the following concepts: place value, time, graphing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, fractions, probability, decimals and measurement.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students will learn about our state through a study of its geography, history, laws and contributions made by various ethnic/cultural groups.

SCIENCE: Students will use a hands on, cooperative group approach to observe, classify and draw conclusions while studying the following topics: recycling, chemical and physical changes, rocks and minerals and animal adaptations. Students will also be exposed to a drug awareness and prevention program.

Patriot Program Requirements for Fourth

The Patriot Program will begin in October and must be completed by the end of April. Requirement and rewards are subject to change.

  • Recite and explain the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Sing and recite the first and last verses of ?The Star Spangled Banner?.
  • Explain what the Declaration of Independence is and why it is important to American history. Also, identify the 4 Marylanders who signed the Declaration of Independence.
  • Recite the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Identify the Governor and capital city of Maryland.
  • Locate at least 5 newspaper articles to create a scrapbook of the activities of Maryland?s governor. Use an organizer distributed by your teacher to identify who, what, where, when and why of each article. Attach one article per page and write a paragraph summary using the information from the organizer. You are to include the organizer, the article and the summary in your scrapbook.
  • Use one of the visual organizers in the packet to explain the roles of the 3 branches of State government and the hierarchy of offices in each.
  • Write a report about state government based on your visual organizer.


Recognition will be given to those students who demonstrate a commitment to the Patriot Program. A Patriot Certificate will be awarded to those participants who complete at least 3 requirements. Those students who complete all Patriot requirements will receive a Distinguished Patriot Certificate.

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