Birthday Book Club

The Birthday Book Club honors students and/or teachers. It helps our media center grow with the assistance from the media specialist and is sponsored by the PTA.

Interested parents pay $15.00 for a new book to be placed in the media center in honor of their child’s birthday.

After payment, your child will select – at the end of the birth month – a new book from a variety of popular children’s literature to be placed in the media center.

A special book place will be put in the selected book with your child’s name, birth date, and year of presentation.

Your child will be the first person to sign out the new book. When your child has finished reading the book and returns it to the library, it will then become part of the media center collection.

All new Birthday Book Club members will be honored in a school newsletter and have their names and/or pictures placed on a special board in the school.

Our May celebration is the last of the year. Please include June, July, and August birthdays in May.

If you have any questions, please speak with your school librarian at the Homestead of Wakefield building.


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