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How many books can I take home?

In the primary building, kindergarten and first grade students check out one book at a time and second graders check out two books at a time after routines and procedures are solidly established. When a student joins the Birthday Book Club they may have the additional Birthday Book Club book during the month following their birthday month.

In the intermediate (grades 3-5) building third graders check out two books until after December when they can check out three books. Fourth graders and fifth graders can check out two or three books at a time during the school year.

When are my books due?

For all grade levels, books are due on the next library day, which occurs approximately every 4-7 days depending on the calendar. On the morning of your child’s scheduled library day a crate—similar to a milk crate—is placed in the classroom. Library helpers collect the crates before classes begin and return them to the library.

If a student is late for school or forgets to put their books in the crate, the books should be brought to the media center during the scheduled class time or before classes begin on any school day.

If your child forgets his/her books on their library day, s/he may exchange books before classes begin on any day of the week.

Primary (grades K-2) students who consistently return their books on time will be recognized for their efforts.

Do I have to pay for an overdue book?

Overdue notices will be issued approximately once per month. There are no fines for overdue books in the elementary school.

Can I renew a book?

Primary (grades K-2) students wishing to renew their books should bring their books to library class and ask for a renewal when checking out with their library card. Most often this happens when a child did not get a chance to read their book or wishes to continue reading a longer chapter book.

Intermediate (grades 3-5) students wishing to renew their books should put a bookmark with their name, classroom number and the word RENEW in the book. Students that bring their books at library time will put them either at the RENEW BOOKS sign, or the RETURNED BOOKS sign on the circulation desk.

What happens when a book is lost or damaged?

If a student loses a book, please send a note to the school librarian. We will check the library shelves for the book, however, if we cannot locate it we will place the book in a lost status on your child’s account. Lost books need not be paid for until the end of the school year, since 90% of lost books are found by year’s end.

Please note that students must return their books before checking out a new one. If a book is lost, a note from home will enable your child to continue checking out new books while the search for the lost book continues.

Damaged books should be returned in person to the school librarian. The school librarian will send home a letter stating the replacement cost of the book.

How should I behave in the library?

Primary students (grades K-2) earn points or “WAG ITs” from the library warthogs Puumba and Mini Puumba by following the media center manners (see acronym “WAG IT” below). WAG ITs are tallied for each class and then totaled at month’s end; the most frequent tail waggers earn game day in the library. Encourage your student to join the Tailwaggers’ Club today!

  • Watch the teacher and follow directions the first time given.
  • Always use your manner words (please, thank you, etc.).
  • Good friends keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.
  • It’s important to use inside voices and acceptable language.
  • Take time to keep your workplace clean and safe.
  • Intermediate (grades 3-5) students earn stars for Library Hero Behavior Awards. When the students have earned five stars, they are eligible for a game day in the library media center.

    Favorite game days include: library basketball, board games, and States Bingo.

    How can my mom or dad volunteer in the library?

    We welcome adult help with shelving books, laminating, copying, book processing, book repair, and so much more! If you would like to lend a hand in the library, please contact the school librarian at 410-638-4175.

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