Third Grade


Behavior: Third Graders are expected to set a proper example of behavior in and out of the classroom. Our class rules are based on respecting the rights of other people. Students choose their own behavior, and those who choose to follow the rules will be rewarded. Those who choose to break the rules also choose to accept the consequences. Parents will be notified if students consistently break the rules or if misbehavior is severe.

Organization: Students will be expected to maintain a system of organization based on their homeroom teacher’s expectations. A student handbook has been provided to assist in keeping each student planned and organized for daily assignments, quizzes/tests, long-term projects and specials.

Homework: Homework is assigned on a daily basis in Spelling and Math. A minimum of fifteen minutes should be set aside each evening for independent reading time. Students will record their assignments in this planner on a daily basis. To keep you informed and involved in your child’s progress, we request parent signatures in the planner Monday through Thursday. Please refer to the Harford County Handbook for additional information concerning absences and homework policies.

Grade Three Curriculum Outcomes

ILA – READING: Students will read a variety of texts format he Harcourt Brace Anthology and trade books. We will read for pleasure, literacy experience, to be informed and to perform a task. We will listen, read, discuss and write in response to imaginative, expository and functional text. Students will respond to text using global, interpretive, personal and critical stances. We will concentrate on before, during and after reading strategies to clarify meaning.

WRITTEN LANGUAGE: Students will write for personal purposes using the writing process of Prewriting, Drafting, Revision, and Proofreading and Publishing. Students will write to inform, persuade and express personal ideas. Students will publish a variety of formats including invitations, current events, advertisements, stories, poems and letters.

MATHEMATICS: Students will demonstrate positive attitudes and habits towards mathematics. Students will work with numbers through 999,999 as well as add/subtract three digit numbers. They will memorize the basic multiplication and division facts, and multiply using regrouping and divide with remainders. In geometry, students will identify two and three dimensional figures. Students will measure length, capacity, weight, time, money, area, volume and temperature. Students will collect, organize, display interpret and describe data on graphs. They will read, draw and label fractions. In all areas of math, students will write to explain their thoughts, estimate to evaluate an answer identify and describe patterns. We will focus on problem solving and how math relates to real life situations.

SCIENCE: Students will demonstrate positive attitudes towards science by completing science activities and participating in discussions. Students will design a fair test, control data within an experiment, collect, interpret and record data while working cooperatively. Students will use this information to solve practical problems. They will observe and examine living things and monitor weather changes on a daily basis. Finally, students will demonstrate and explain that a push or pull will change the motion of an object.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students will complete a unit of study on Harford County Communities. We will make appropriate choices to function as effective citizens, consumers and workers in Harford County. We will interpret maps of Harford County and the world. We will identify continents, oceans and explore why people choose to live in a particular community. We will recognize that all people in Harford County and around the world have similar needs, motivations and desires. We will study the 5 Themes of Geography. Students will explore our county government by learning the way rules are made and the purpose behind establishing rules that are fair for all people. All themes are integrated with rich literature and critical thinking activities.


  • *Planetarium (Southampton Middle School)
  • *Baltimore Museum of Industry

*In School 3rd Grade Assembles

  • Maryland Science Center
  • Scales & Tales
  • Bill Wood – Storyteller

*Varies upon availability and funding

Patriot Program Requirements

The Patriot Program will begin in October and must be completed by the end of April. Requirement and rewards are subject to change.

  • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Identify the county seat, county, state, country, and continent in which you live.
  • Identify the Governor, County Executive, and County Council President.
  • Sing or recite the first verse of “The Star Spangled Banner”.
  • Identify the following on a blank map of Maryland: Harford County, Bel Air, the Susquehanna River, the Chesapeake Bay, and Baltimore City.
  • Choose to visit or research one of the following places of interest in Harford County: Hays House, Tudor Hall, Ladew Topiary Gardens, Havre De Grace, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Edgewood Arsenal, or Ripken Stadium.


Recognition will be given to those students who demonstrate a commitment to the Patriot Program. A Patriot Certificate will be awarded to those participants who complete at least 3 requirements. Those students who complete all Patriot requirements will receive a Distinguished Patriot Certificate.

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