Box Tops For Education – Marketplace

Plus, help raise more money for our school by going to website. Login into the website and you will have access to the sweepstakes they have going on now and throughout the year. Currently, you can enter daily sweepstakes for Hanes her Way (1000 box tops), Totino’s (250,000). Also, click on the town labeled Building for Box tops and there are instant win games and trivia games that give you 2 votes daily to win more box tops.

Marketplace ebox tops is the KEY this year!! If you are a first time shopper, we earn 20 box tops just for shopping. All you have to do is log onto and go through the Marketplace shopping FIRST and then it will take you to your favorite stores like Target, Home Depot, Barnes and Nobles, Sears and soooo many more. If you spend $10 you can earn between 4-8 box tops per $10. Keep this in mind for holiday shopping too!! Happy online shopping just remember to goto box top website first!

You can earn up to 25 Box Tops for watching short videos at

Email for more information.

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